Stay Fit Philly Challenge

Sun November 1 - Mon November 30 Any City, PA 00000 US


General event questions


Q: Do I have to perform physical activity every day? 
A: We highly encourage everyone to be active for the month of November. One day a week we will focus on goal setting and nutrition. 


Q. Do I have to do your workout or can I do my own?
A. We encourage you to follow along with us! But if a workout we post doesn’t work for you, substitute it with an activity of your choice! It’s all about being active for 30 days. You can mix it up as long as you log your activity! 


Q. Do I need to be on social media to participate in the Challenge?
A: No, we will be posting the daily challenge videos on the Philly Races Facebook page, Instagram, and the website! 


Q: When can I expect my SWAG (shirt and medal)?
A: You should expect to receive your SWAG in late December.


Q. What are Milestone Badges and how do I earn them? 
A: Milestones are a way of tracking intermediate progress towards a goal! Badges are small graphics that can be placed on your social media profile to highlight your accomplishments! The Stay Fit Philly badges will be available to you through RunSignUp as you complete 7, 14, 21 and/or 30 days of activity. 


Registration Questions


Q. When does the Stay Fit Philly Challenge take place?
A. Starting November 1st, you can begin watching the challenges and submitting your daily activity. We encourage you to submit daily to keep track of your progress, but you can submit in batches. All activities must be submitted by December 1st.


Q: Do I need to log my activity every day, or can I log them in one batch?
You can log your activities daily or weekly—your choice!


Q. Can I compete Internationally?
A. Yes!

Q. What time zone are we using?
A. We will be utilizing the UTC-5 (New York - Eastern) time zone. All results must be submitted for the month of November must be submitted by December 1, 2020 at 11:59 P.M.

Q: How does the referral program work? How can I put money back into my pocket?
A: You can get referral rewards by inviting your friends to join -

  • Refer 5 registrations and get a $20 refund

  • Refer 10 registrations and get a $40 refund

  • Refer 15 registrations and get a $40 refund plus Philly Races SWAG

Referrals can only be credited to you when a registration is completed using your unique URL. Make sure your friends and family use your link to get to the registration site!

Your unique URL can be found in your RunSignup account: To find the URL, or the status of your referrals, log in to, click on My Profile, under Runner Links section (at the bottom), My Referrals.


Q. Will there be contests during the month? 
A: There may be, you need to tune it to see what “Perks” may pop up!


Q: Can I just do a lot of Stay Fit activities in one day and submit one entry for the month?
A: No. The goal of this challenge is to perform a Stay Fit activity every day. You must perform and log a minimum of one activity per day. That means 30 days of activity!



Activity Tracking Questions

Q: How do I keep track of my activity? 
A: This is an honor system! Do the challenge we post or modify to your own version and log it in RunSignup


Q: How do I enter/track my activities?
A: Enter them through your RunSignup account that you used to register. You can view results on the results page.



Instructions on tracking your activities 


Tracking your activities is super easy - Once you do it a few times, you'll get the hang of it!

Beginning Nov 1, you can login to RunSignup. We recommend letting it remember your username/password as you'll be here often!

  1. Go to the RESULTS page on RunSignup. We recommend bookmarking this page so you can find it quickly.

  2. Click "SUBMIT VIRTUAL EVENTS" at the top.

  3. Select the current day or the day for which you are entering the activities (must be between Nov 1st and Nov 30th) and enter your activity.

  4. Click "Submit your activity"

You’re finished! RunSignup will automatically update your total distance and show you your progress to date!

It's best to enter your activities daily rather than allowing your information to accumulate, and, your progress will motivate you even more!



Troubleshooting your tracking results issues

Q: I'm unable to find my name or submit my results after registering.
A: You probably had your profile listing set to "anonymous". To submit results, go in through your RunSignup profile,select PROFILE and select "SUBMIT VIRTUAL RESULTS" for the Stay Fit Philly Challenge.


Q: I did not get my link - how do I log my activity?
A: Some email servers block our emails to you. If you do not have your link, login to the SAME RunSignup account that you used to register


Q: When I search for my name, it does not come up to enter virtual results. Or, it says I don't have permission.
A: You must be logged into the same RunSignup account that you used to register. 


Q: I made a mistake on entering my results — how do I change it?
A: You can go in and overwrite the mistake. Don't just enter it again correctly since you have to overwrite the incorrect data.


Q: I entered my results, but I don't see it in the listing.
A: Wait a few minutes for the servers to update. If it still doesn’t update, be sure you are looking at the correct event. There is a drop down box called Result Set - choose that to switch between events.


Q: I'm trying to submit results, but it says that I'm locked out. What should I do?
A: This usually happens if there are too many failed attempts to log in. Try waiting 20-25 minutes and then log back in to RunSignUp.

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